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Elements of Good Design
Good Web design is the same as good design. If you understand the elements that make up good design, you’ll have a Web page that works well. These elements of good design apply whether you are writing a Web page, a business card, or a t-shirt and once you understand them you’ll have the skills to be a great designer.

Latest Version of Html

About HTML 5

HTML 5 Tag
Tag Description
<!–…–> :- Defines a comment
<article>New :- Defines an article
<aside>New :- Defines content aside from the page content
<audio>New :- Defines sound content
<canvas>New :- Defines graphics
<command>New :- Defines a command button
<datalist>New :- Defines a dropdown list
<details>New :- Defines details of an element
New :- Defines external interactive content or plugin
<figcaption>New :- Defines the caption of a figure element
<figure>New :- Defines a group of media content, and their caption
<footer>New :- Defines a footer for a section or page
<header>New :- Defines a header for a section or page
<hgroup>New :- Defines information about a section in a document
<keygen>New :- Defines a generated key in a form
<mark>New :- Defines marked text
<meter>New :- Defines measurement within a predefined range
<nav>New :- Defines navigation links
<output>New :- Defines some types of output
<progress>New :- Defines progress of a task of any kind
<rp>New :- Used in ruby annotations to define what to show if a browser does not
support the ruby element
<rt>New :- Defines explanation to ruby annotations
<ruby>New :- Defines ruby annotations
<section>New :- Defines a section
<source>New :- Defines media resources
<summary>New :- Defines the header of a “detail” element
<video>New :- Defines a video
<wbr>New :- Defines a possible line-break

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